A Level Computer Science Tuition

We will provide fully detailed break down of these concepts so that the student understands the basic foundation elements of each topic.  Once that is achieved, progressive development on each topic can then begin.

We will provide assistance with A2 Coursework Project which is usually worth around 20% of the over all A Level.  A good project can be instrumental in getting a good grade.

Learning Resources

A Level introduces a number of topics not covered in GCSE Computer Science.  Some of these topics are quite complex such as Boolean Algebra, Floating Point concepts etc.

Various different resources are available to assist with these difficult concepts to understand the logic behind them. We will break down these topics to ensure a fundamental understanding.

Tuition Methods

  • Clear and detailed breakdown of difficult topics
  • Practice questions on topics to ensure understanding
  • Interactive dialogue between tutor and student
  • Developing and maintaining a good rapport with the student
  • Positive approach to all students
  • Making learning an enjoyable process

For details of GCSE Tuition Click here.

Digital Miles

Subject Content

AS Content:
- Programming
- Computer Architecture
- Operating Systems
- Software Development
- Databases
- Data Protection
- Data Security

A2 Content:
- AS content in more depth
- Algorithms
- Data Structures
- Logic Gates
- Boolean Algebra
- Systems Life Cycle
- Computational Thinking
- A2 Project Coursework