GCSE Computer Science Tuition

GCSE Computer Science is a relatively new course, which first started in 2013.  Tuition can be given for all exam boards, including OCR, AQA, Edexcel and others.

For many GCSE students, this will be their first exposure to Computing and Computer Science.  Some may find the topic a little challenging to grasp some of the new concepts.

We will provide fully detailed break down of these concepts so that the student understands the basic foundation elements of each topic.  Once that is achieved, progressive development on each topic can then begin.

Learning Resources

Key to learning development is understanding the content delivered. To aid that understanding, a variety of different resources are used to convey points.  These range from diagrammatic models, to short videos, animation to name just a few. By way of example, a short You Tube video showing the speed of hard disk here

Practice on exam technique along with using the correct terminology is paramount to progress.  Fundamental to our tuition is increasing the confidence in our students, not only in understanding particular topics, but also in correct exam technique and procedures.

Tuition Methods

  • Clear and detailed breakdown of difficult topics
  • Practice questions on topics to ensure understanding
  • Interactive dialogue between tutor and student
  • Developing and maintaining a good rapport with the student
  • Positive approach to all students
  • Making learning an enjoyable process

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Some topics covered at GCSE

  • Programming
  • Computer Basics
  • Internal Components
    • Ram
    • Rom
    • CPU
  • Input/Output/Storage
  • Binary
  • Networks
  • Internet
  • Encryption
  • Future Devlopments

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