Online Computer Science Tuition

Online tuition is a rapidly area of growth.  Tuition can be delivered Online as required.  This provides considerable flexibility for access to tuition and of course, distance is no object.

Delivery of Online Computing tuition is done via meeting software such as Skype or Zoom along with Interactive Whiteboard software such as Scribblar.

In addition, documents such as exam papers, etc can be shared between the student and the tutor.  Notes made during the lesson can be downloaded by the student to store and keep in the same way as in face to face.

Online Tuition can be a very effective way of obtaining tuition that might not otherwise be available.

Benefits of Online Tuition

  • convenience of access
  • accessibility at any location
  • continuation during holidays
  • can record and review
  • area of continuing development
Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 20.58.42

Diagram drawn on screen for Online Lesson

The diagram above was produced by interactive software by the tutor.  The student can see exactly the same thing on his or her screen as it is being drawn.  The student can then download this to store with other notes taken during the lesson.

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