Our Approach

Quite simply our approach is to help students to be the best they can be.  So many never fully utilise their true potential, or even realise they have so much potential.  Our aim is to ensure students reach their potential and achieve excellent grades in their exams.

Our patient and understanding approach enables students to better understand the subject topics.  This helps build confidence not only in our subject but will help the student in all other subjects.

Our Story

The story started a long time ago – but we won’t go into numbers! However, we were born at a young age!  Myles is the computer tutor in Preston at Digital Miles and is assisted by the better half of the duo, namely wife Christine.

Myles qualified to Masters Degree in Computer Science at Staffordshire University.  Taking up studying Computers in the 80’s was a change of direction.  Having sustained serious injuries due to an accident and being restricted for two years as a result, Myles returned to the classroom as a student after recovery.

Myles has worked as a Computer Network Manager and A level Computing Teacher for over 20 years in an educational environment.  In addition, Myles has taught IT to adults at night class as well as providing private tuition to A level / GCSE students, adults and small businesses.

Returning to education to a completely new specialism, Myles understands the daunting prospect of facing a new challenge.  For that reason, along with the skills and experience gained over the years, Myles understands the requirements in training adults and students.

Christine, also qualified to Masters Degree in an entirely different specialism, supports Digital Miles in a background and admin capacity.

From single computers to tablets, phones, laptops and beyond, there is no question of the impact and necessity of IT in our every day lives.  For those starting out on their educational paths, being conversant with IT is a fundamental requirement to progress.  For many adults and retired people, lack of IT skills is an increasing detriment.  This need not be the case and a whole new world awaits those that take the step.

Myles volunteers one morning per week at the local library assisting people learning how to use computers, some over 80 years old.  It is ‘never’ too late ….